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Many dentists tell you that a routine dental checkup in Newmarket is important. It is crucial for you to maintain beautiful and healthy teeth. However, some might not understand the why behind these statements. If you’re curious, do not hesitate to talk to your dentist. Be open about your oral health because these discussions can definitely save your smile.

Dental checkup in Newmarket guide questions

1. Is a regular dental visit necessary?

Your dentist needs to check your mouth and teeth regularly for the following reasons:

  • It keeps your teeth and gums free from diseases
  • Your dentist can detect cases of early oral cancer signs
  • Prevents plaque, tartar, and cavities from building up
  • Your teeth become cleaner and brighter
  • It makes your breath fresh and clean
  • You will learn more about how you can care for your oral health better

2. What to expect during a routine dental visit?

There’s no need to be worried about a routine dental appointment. On that day, your dentist and their dental assistant will conduct these steps in providing you quality dental care:

  • Ask and discuss with you your medical and dental history
  • Examine your teeth and mouth to know if a dental X-ray is necessary
  • Carefully inspect your gums and gum lines if signs of gum disease are evident
  • Thoroughly evaluate your overall dental health
  • Perform oral cancer screening
  • Deep clean your teeth and gums if necessary
  • Scrape off debris to reveal cleaner and brighter teeth

3. Should you eat before visiting the dentist?

A routine dental visit is a simple procedure, so eating is a must to keep you energized throughout. If you don’t want to feel anxious or nauseous, you can just eat bananas, eggs, or nuts. These will keep you full without eating and feeling heavy. Your dentist only requires fasting if you undergo complex treatments that involve sedation or anesthesia.

4. How often is a regular dentist visit?

Generally, routine dental checkups are twice a year or every six months. If you have a developing oral health issue, your dentist might recommend you frequent your visit for proper monitoring and treatment.

In need of dental care?

Don’t wait to develop painful dental issues before seeing your dentist. It is always better to prevent than to treat them, which involves more discomfort and expenses. Your dentist near you will always be happy to help you achieve a healthy smile. Call us today!